Thursday February 22

Dear Friend,

Let’s talk "mail order" – the way it’s done today, in the 21st Century... Not the way it was done in the 1920's.

Excuse me. It’s 9:06 a.m. and I’ve just been interrupted by the beautiful sound of the fax. I’m sitting at my desk in Nashville, Tennessee writing these very words you see. There’s only 3 easy steps on level ground between my desk and my fax. Can you believe it? An affiliate is faxing in a $1,047 order.

It’s so nice of him to do that for me. He lives in Midland, Texas, but his website spans the globe. A man from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida calls him up. Then the distributor faxes me the credit card info and, Voila! that money’s in MY bank account! It could be in yours.

"Mail Order" in the Internet Age

See what I’m talking about? The client sees the product on the Internet, uses the phone to order it, and our distributor uses the fax to transmit the order. I use my computer’s modem to run the credit card. I’ll copy the manuals at Insty-Print and mail them out this afternoon. Nothing to it!

We set the website up for the distributor, by the way. Now he’s churning in orders like this nearly every day.

Anyway... to continue! It’s become so easy! Anyone who will dare to use today’s simple technology can easily set up an automatic killer money-making machine!

But first, excuse me again. I’ve just been delightfully interrupted by the sound of the fax again! I just can’t keep my composure when I hear that beautiful abbreviated ring. Next comes the whirr-r-r of a nice fat order. Hmm. A nice lady in Inglewood, California wants to start with our Paper Profit$ I & II. A $247.90 order.

You Can Be Dumb Or Dumber And Still Succeed In This Business!

Once even the word "technology" impressed me. I was poor, too. Then I stumbled my way in. Easily... over the course of a few months I became rich and independent.

First I asked one of my friends to show me how, and 5 minutes later I could send and receive faxes. The friendly clerk advised me what I needed and showed me how to turn the computer on when I got home. A friend showed me in 30 minutes how to surf the worldwide web.

I put a free ad on the Internet. It was then I first discovered the rocket power of cyber marketing! A few weeks later I quit my lousy job. That was several years ago. I got rich in the first few months. Never worked again. I think you can do the same thing. You see...

Please excuse me again. ... I’ve just been interrupted by my e-mail software. I have it set up so that there’s a crowd whooping and hollering and clapping every time an order comes in. Yahoo, a $997 order! The customer completed the secure order form online, and here it is! Total Internet. Everyday vanilla uncomplicated 21st Century technology.

It's 10:05 a.m. As I was saying........

Oh, I’m sorry. Please excuse me one final time. After I take this telephone call I promise I’m going to get my laptop and go down to the first floor and write on the dining room table. Away from the profitable diversions of the fax, the e-mail, and the phone.

But first... This is an affiliate on the line who we helped go independent. He enrolled in the full Paper Profit$ program a few months ago. $737. Doing exactly what the manuals explained, Scott Pentecost earned a smacking $42,629.15 on his first deal. Today he wants me to take his credit card to the tune of $997.00. Not surprisingly, I might add.

Whew! That's better. Now that I'm downstairs I'll be able to finish this letter without thinking about all the money that I'm earning.

Oh, by the way. Fortunately, it's not important to have a whiz-bang web site that will purr-and-cat. The important thing is marketing. Presumably you're reading this report on my website... How complicated does it look? We've got pop-up boxes, and we have for our shopping cart, but that's the extent of it. You can do the same thing. That's what this special report is all about!

All you have to do is get going! The Internet
is so happening that any moderately executed
Internet business can give you
an independent living

Review: I just made $3,288.90 in less than 1 hour. I didn’t do a single bit of "work" to get this money! In fact, each order was a delightful interruption of the work I was trying to get done. The Information Superhighway, the fax, and e-mail did it all for me. I chatted on the phone a little bit, with one customer. No high-pressure.

Everyone of these orders was web-related. My costs, once putting up my $100 per year web site, are totally zero. When you don’t have to spend any big bucks to market, it sure makes it easy!


A Month’s Take-Home Pay In An Hour

I’m a lot richer now than I was an hour ago. My $3,288.90 for an hour’s worth of hanging out is greater than a month’s take-home pay for millions of "successful" Americans!

Well, that just about wraps up this session. I’m going back up to the 4th floor to "work" a little.

A Book Unlike Any Other

Fortunately for you, I’ve taken everything I’ve discovered and perfected in practice and simplified it down into a quick-reading book titled, Mail Order in the Internet Age.

You learn every secret and every inside angle you need to duplicate my success!

Mail Order in the Internet Age
Author: Ted Ciuba
ISBN: 0-9672414-9-9
e-Book Edition

In Mail Order in the Internet Age you get the 21st Century version of "mail order" laid bare, so that your very first venture can succeed beyond your wildest dreams! Stick your eyeballs on these chapter titles! 

  1. Secrets To Earning $3,288 In Less Than 1 Hour
  2. Blowing The Lid Off The World’s Most Profitable Business
  3. Information Marketing
  4. Reality Check 101
  5. "Mail Order" in the Internet Age!"
  6. The Principles of Wealth. Imagine what you’ll learn!

Every one of these chapters takes you down in the trenches of this modern Internet Revolution. Yep, mail order has changed -- it's now "mail order" in the Internet Age -- and shows you how you can make $100,000 from your kitchen table at home. You’ll never be the same again.

I can’t begin to describe the things you’ll learn in this powerhouse 224 page book. For starters, you’ll discover...

  • How to start from home part-time with zero expenses

  • In black and white just how easy it is to earn your first $1 million

  • The most distinguishable secret of mail order and Internet Marketing, that virtually guarantees your success!

  • The mechanics of the direct response business, and why it’s the only business you should ever consider

  • An Internet strategy that can immediately take you to a $100,000 income, all by itself! Play it right, and the sky’s the limit!

  • Exactly why Information Marketing is so lucrative, with instant returns of 7,000% and more... when you deliver your products over the Internet!

  • How to sell products you don’t even own... with joint venture partners.

  • How anyone with common sense, a desire to succeed, and a willingness to follow my step-by-step plan can succeed

  • How to set this business up on complete auto-pilot!

  • How to use affiliates to turn the sale of a single product into an ongoing stream of income that earns you over $100,000! See to-the-penny accounting!

  • The truth about why your own credit absolutely doesn’t matter at all. Learn about the secret sources that will process your credit cards, so you never lose an impulse sale!

  • Why it’s actually easier to sell expensive – more profitable! – products!

  • How to get millions of dollars worth of free advertising. Harold Moe spent 15 sending a press release to Family Circle and got $3,591,000 worth of orders in 60 days! That’s more than most people earn in their entire lives!

  • How to pyramid your profits into a multi-million dollar fortune!

  • How to incorporate the Parthenon Strategy of Pre-Eminence so that you both make a quick killing AND last for a million dollar future.

And there’s much, much more!..

You can have all the wealth, security, freedom, and prestige that you crave. Literally, Financial Freedom is but months or weeks away!

What will you be doing?

It’s Important Who You Learn From

Does my system work? Check out what others are saying!

"From a trailer park to Internet wealth! Ted Ciuba really is a "Rags To Internet Riches" story. He reveals all his top secrets for making big money on the Internet. Just one of his secrets could make you thousands of dollars a month, and they could begin making you money the very same day you use them!" - Internet Marketing Association

"I luv it when someone who has actually done something writes about how they have done it... telling you how you can do it, too. Ted Ciuba has done it. Mail Order in the Internet Age tells you how he did it and how you can do it. If making your fortune in mailorder is one of your goals for the next millennium, this mailorder primer is one book you need to add to your library." Jim Straw, Cleveland, Tennessee

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- Letha Holverson, Rock Springs, WI

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"I made my first sale for $535.90 the 2nd day I owned Ted’s course."  – Scott Sossamon, Duncan, Oklahoma

"Being Christmas, we only took in $32,000 in December and $30,500 in January. Then we made another $46,000 in February and $88,000 in March.... I work less than 4 days a week, from home and have plenty of time to spend with my family." Peter Sun, Australia

"Author Ted Ciuba cuts right to the chase in his hard-hitting business book. Ted Ciuba will give you an unbeatable marketing edge, regardless of your business." -

"It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old, black or white, man or woman – these opportunities are available to everyone." – Los Angeles Times

Nobody Else Can Teach You This Stuff...

...because they don’t know it. Sure, parroting the media, anybody can talk about the explosive growth of computers and the Internet, but are they making good money every day from their own website? Who do you think you should listen to?

Mail Order in the Internet Age – 100% Guaranteed

You might find it hard to believe, but Mail Order in the Internet Age is only $19.95.

And it’s 100% guaranteed. You, and you alone decide if Mail Order in the Internet Age will work for you. You may request a refund anytime within 60 days for a prompt, cheerful, no-questions-asked refund. How could I be fairer?


2 Free Bonuses When You Send For Your Copy By Midnight Thursday February 22

FREE BONUS #1! I’ll give you a license to resell Mail Order in the Internet Age, and keep a full 50% of the revenues! This could be your first product in a prosperous new future! Plus I’ll give you 2 different killer sales letters to sell it like crazy! Value $997.

FREE BONUS #2! I stopped the presses at the last minute to add another bonus! An important Special Report. You’ll learn exactly... "How To Unleash Your Own Million Dollar Potential."

But I Do Have 1 Condition

The philosophies, principles, strategies, and techniques you learn in Mail Order in the Internet Age are absolutely awesome. You learn to strategically unleash a whole network of powerful psychological principles of human persuasion. The power it gives you over other human beings is staggering!

That’s my point... If you don’t think you can be entirely honest and work for the well-being of humanity, then I absolutely refuse to sell to you.

How To Get Started Today

The easiest way is to place your order online. Use your MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Novus/Discover, or check right now.

This ebook offer is a limited price test. The price will soon be substantially higher. Also I can’t guarantee how long I’ll keep the Resale License as a bonus. Don’t hate yourself for missing out on this no risk offer act today!

Yours For Mail Order and Internet Marketing Success!

Ted Ciuba, Internet Marketing Consultant

P.S. Have you whipped the pencil to it? Today, literally as I sat down to write this letter, the fax rang... Less than an hour later I was $3,288.90 richer. What if I only work 1 hour a week, and take off July and December? Try this: 44 weeks x 1 hour x $3,288.90/hour = $144,711.60 per year! Order your copy of Mail Order in the Internet Age today!

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